Royal Editing Tricks 7


Royal Editing Tricks 7

Lo G aa gayi aap sb ki 2015 ki EIDI! 
How to make CP with Picsart? (for newbies)
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Real Below to know the R.E.T
Easiest way to make CP of ur DP with android

  1. Splatter Brushes ( Colourful or Black and White )
  2. A pic for making CP
  3. Picsart 
  4. Phonto (Optional)
Method For Making CP
  1. Open Picsart then draw blank them set the resolution to 720 W & 270 H.
  2. Then touch on add image option & select the brush if brush is black or white then it's good or if its colourful then go to effects then colors then black & white now its done
  3. Select ur pic via Add image then select ur position then do darken or multiply 
  4. (Optional line) then save it & open in phonto n write ur name & save it
Congratulations now u can also make CPs, this post is on a request of 1 person i forget his name but if anyone want any type of help related to editing then fill our form of contact us u can find it in our blog in desktop view or else u can contact me @ my page ROYAL EDITING WORLD 

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